Manufacturing Partners

  • Packaging, Palletizing, Bulk Loadout, Belt Conveyors, High Capacity Elevators

  • Suspended Plate Magnets, Cross Belt Separators, Magnetic Head Pulleys, In-line Chute Separators, Vertical Magnetic Conveyors, Drum Separators, Magnetic Sweepers, Ceramic or Rare Earth Types

  • Chains - Engineered class, Welded steel, Welded steel attachment, Specialty chains, Plastic engineered chains, Sleeve bearings, Sprockets, Wear Guard UHMW, Channels / Inserts and Impact plates

  • Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control Equipment Reverse Air, Pulse Jet Bag Houses, Cyclones, Abort Gates, Backdraft Dampers, Ducting and Accessories

  • Cage Mills, Clinker Crushers, Coalpactors, Frozen Coal Crackers, Granulators, Hammer mills, Impactors, Jaw Crushers, Roll Crushers, Sizers , Posimetric Feeders

  • Dampers – Butterfly, Louver, Guillotine Specialties for Flow and Pressure Control, Balancing, Shutoff / Isolation, Back-draft/Check, Pressure Relief Expansion Joints – Fabric and Metallic

  • Rotary Valves, Plug & Gravity Diverters Bin Activators & Dischargers, Bulk Bag Dischargers & Fillers, Bag Break Stations, Flexible Screw Conveyors, Gravimetric & Volumetric screw feeders

  • Machine made-to-order parts, components, and/or assemblies for a wide range of industries: lumber and logging, cement and concrete, sand and gravel, steel mills and foundries, construction equipment, rock crushing and mining, agriculture, and solids fuel power generation