Pneumatic Conveying

Dilute Phase

This is a high-velocity system where the conveyed material is continuously suspended in the air within the pipeline. Almost any material—regardless of particle size, shape, or density—can be conveyed using a dilute phase system.

Dense Phase

For low or high rate transfer of abrasive or friable material, dense phase conveying is the optimum solution. Dense phase pneumatic conveying is a low speed system where the material is not suspended in the air stream. This type of system is ideal for very fragile materials and mixtures as the low speed and lower air volumes prevent materials from breaking down.

Vacuum Conveying

With vacuum conveying, materials are drawn to the delivery point through a totally enclosed pipeline, in a clean, contained stream of air generated by a vacuum blower package. In vacuum conveying, no moving parts contact the materials, no dust escapes into the atmosphere and no contamination can enter the system.