The Coalpactor’s popularity is the result of its ability to maintain top size and provide low cost-per-ton crushed while keeping fines at a minimum.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Lower cost-per-ton-crushed than comparable crushers.
  • Lower horsepower demand than comparable crushers.
  • Control over product size, with minimum fines.
  • Little or no loss of capacity or crushing efficiency when crushing high moisture content materials.
  • Less chance of damage to the crusher from uncrushables.
  • Hammers normally last longer than in crushers with grates.

Advantages of New Retrofit Design:

  • Doubles the amount of crushing surfaces, going from 8 to 16 surfaces on either side of the rotor.
  • The wear plates have been improved with a higher hardness material.
  • Decreased depth of grooves between crushing surfaces.
  • Less maintenance when changing out plate segments.
  • Cast segments are one quarter the length of the cage.
  • Plate segments are interchangeable from top to bottom with any area on the cage.

This new design is now standard on all new machines and easily retrofitted to existing machines.