Welded Silos

Field Welded Tanks

Available in API 620 & API 650 designs, the field-welded tank remains the product of choice in select dry bulk storage applications. Typical applications include: storage requirements that require heavier tank designs than bolted smoothwall tanks offer, storage capacities in excess of 70,000 cubic feet when hopper bottom discharge is required, power market, heavy and abrasive bulk material applications. Quality field-weld fabrication is evidenced by following code requirements including radiograph examination, etc.

Shop Welded Tanks

The tank of choice for the storage of dry bulk materials up to capacities of 10,000 cubic feet. Also, the typical approach required for food grade storage, when bolted panel connections are not allowed.

Hybrid Storage Tanks & Silos

Combines the best qualities of bolted FP, field-weld and concrete construction together in one product. The hybrid silo has become a preferred storage tank design when storage volume requirements exceed bolted FP designs. Hybrid construction can utilize a bolted FP sidewall with a field-weld deck or hopper. Other hybrid designs utilize concrete floors elevated on structural steel and field-weld designs with bolted tank components. The hybrid silo is uniquely tailored for the application. Many large volume applications designed for functional mass flow discharge utilize a hybrid tank design.

  • Applications: Cement, fly ash, coal, limestone, lime, aggregates, minerals, chemicals & misc. dry other
  • Hopper capacities from 20,000 - 150,000 cubic feet
  • Shop-controlled quality
  • Modular construction requires field assembly
  • Decreased field installation timeframe
  • Factory applied powder coating systems

Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Tank construction is available in 304, 316 & 316L materials with various polished surface profiles. SS construction should be evaluated when product purity, flow inducement and/or chemical attack issues exists with the stored material. Stainless construction is the high price storage approach.

Aluminum Storage Tanks

Quality containment (fabrication satisfies ASME Section VIII requirements) required in select food, chemical and petrochem applications. A variety of alloy designations are available with 5052 H32 material being the most common and versatile in dry bulk storage applications. Shop welded aluminum tanks are available up to 10,000 cubic feet capacity in one-piece construction. Quality welded aluminum silos are an economical alternative to coated carbon steel tanks.