Dust & Fume Collection

Dust & Fume Collection

Western States offers a full line of dust and fume collection equipment for virtually any industrial source collection application.  The selection of a dust control system is normally made based on the desired air quality and existing regulations. Dust collection systems can provide reliable and efficient control over a long period. Wet dust suppression and airborne dust capture systems, while somewhat less efficient, are less expensive to install and operate but also require careful selection and planning to be most effective.

  • Pulse Jet Collectors

    Pulse jet dust collectors are used when it is impractical to shut down your dust collector to clean the filter bags. A pulse of compressed air is blasted through the filter bags to blow loose the built up particles on the filter bags to maintain optimum filtration efficiency. Read More ›

  • Reverse Air Dust Collectors

    Reverse air dust collectors are meant for continuous use and do not require compressed air. They clean by blowing air in the opposite direction of the airflow to shake loose the built up dust cake. Read More ›

  • Cartridge Collectors

    The CMAXX Cartridge Collector has the best cleaning efficiency and offers the longest filter life in the industry. Read More ›

  • Ducting Design

    Dust collection design can be complicated, let us design an effective and efficient dust collection system. Read More ›