Reverse Air Dust Collectors

Reverse air cleaning dust collectors are usually used in applications that for a hard dust cake on the dirty side of the filter. These types of a dust collectors use fans to blow air in the opposite direction to remove the dust cake from the filter bag. These dust collectors are meant for continuous use and can clean without interrupting the production process. Any dust left after the initial shake of the bag is removed by the reverse airflow.


  • 8-year warranty on cleaning mechanism
  • Explosion proof electric motors in clean air plenum
  • Sprinkler system in clean air plenum
  • Hopper access door
  • Top access, tool-free bag and cage removal
  • 60° hopper
  • NFPA approved explosion venting
  • Factory assembled ladders and platforms
  • Large access platform
  • Standard design for 25” negative pressure
  • Compressed air is not required
  • Accommodates higher dust loads
  • Direct drive cleaning system
  • Minimum wear parts
  • Continuous single drive shaft