Environmental Products

Environmental Products

  • Flue Gas Remediation

    Dry Sorbent and Activated Carbon Injection Read More ›

  • Dust Suppression

    Western States Industrial Technologies designs and supplies “Dry Fog” Dust suppression systems. Dry Fog systems provide effective dust control at economical installation and operational costs. Fog systems are designed to treat the air surrounding airborne particulates rather than the individual particles. For this reason, moisture addition to bulk materials can be as low as .05% to .1%. Dry Fog systems are specifically designed for each installation. Read More ›

  • Wet Scrubbers

    NFPA Compliant Dust Containment Systems, High Efficiency Wet Collectors, Ducted Wet Collectors, Economy Wet Collectors, Wet Downdraft Benches, Wet Collection Booths Read More ›

  • NFPA Compliant Components

    NFPA Standard applies to the production, processing, finishing, handling, recycling, storage and use of all metal alloys that are in a form that is capable of combustion or explosion, as well as operations where metal or metal alloys are subjected to processing or finishing operations that produce combustible powder of dust. Read More ›

  • Dust Collection

    Dust Containment System, Cartridge Collector, Vertical Cartridge Booth, Cartridge Media Walk-around Collection System, Ventilated Work Bench, Reverse Air Dust Collector Read More ›

  • Chemical Free Water Treatment

    You thought chemicals were the only way to treat water? Absolutely not! Throw those chemicals away! Oh wait, you can't. They are hazardous waste. Bottom line, keep your employees safe, keep the environment safe, your equipment running AND save money! Read More ›

  • Oil & Mist Collection

    Oil and Mist Collection Read More ›

  • Ion Air Purification Technology

    Industrial Air Cleaner Read More ›