EDK Feeder/Delumper

The EDK Rotary Feeder/Delumper was designed as a response to clients in the plastics industry with a need for an efficient airlock that has shearing, variable speed and anti-stall capabilities. It is built for rugged applications.

The EDK design uses two opposing shear knives. When the anti-stall control system senses a stall (high motor load), the rotor direction is automatically reversed. If successful in clearing the jam, the rotor returns to normal rotation. If not, it will continue to reverse direction up to six times or three cycles before shutting down and alerting the operator.

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Anti-stall
  • Carbon steel or stainless steel construction
  • Special hard facing on rotor tips
  • Knives and end seals are adjustable
  • Polished rotor surfaces prevent material build-up
  • High shearing energy
  • Rotor reverses to clear jams
  • Optional stainless steel components
  • Accurate metering
  • Variable speed control